How to Clean Jewelry Like a Pro

How to Clean Jewelry Like a Pro

So you've purchased a new piece of sterling silver Maine jewelry, but you want to make sure you are taking care of it correctly?  Well you've come to the right place!  I'm going to provide you with some cleaning techniques that won't break the bank and will keep your treasures shining bright.  


Why Sterling Silver Jewelry?


The silver that we use here at Gem Lounge Jewelry is all eco-friendly, recycled sterling silver.  It is all locally reproduced whicsh means it is better for the environment as no new mining has taken place.  Real silver and gold are genuine metals that will always hold value.  Throughout our history, silver and gold have always been desired in jewelry, used as currency, and more.  That's why by purchasing sustainable jewelry, you are also investing in yourself!   

Soft Stones and How to Clean Them:


There are a number of soft stones that require extra care.  Stones like opals, turquoise, and genuine pearls are softer in density, easily scratched, and all around need to be handled with kid clothes when it comes to cleaning. 


The stones listed below are on the list that I believe requires extra attention:


* Diamonds                *Opals                   *Pearls                      *Peridot

*Turquoise                  *Amber                 *Emerald                   *Tourmaline

*Coral                         *Agate


I recommend using warm water and a few drops of Dawn dish detergent with a paper towel to wipe the stone area.  It's best to use jewelry polishing cloths like Sunshine Polishing cloths to clean all the metal of the piece.  These amazing cloths can be used on any sterling silver, gold, bronze, and copper jewelry.  You will literally see the tarnish wipe off onto the cloth but believe me, you can reuse this cloth until it's covered!  


Once cleaned, if you aren't wearing your jewelry regularly, it's best to store it in the anti tarnish bags that Gem Lounge provides with every piece of jewelry we sell.  These small bags are good for up to two years of protecting your pieces and saving the hassle of cleaning pieces regularly.   


  • An affordable jewelry technique that I recommend and use in my studio is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine.  This is NOT recommended for the gemstones listed above.  The hot water which can be produced from an ultrasonic machine can be too much for these types of stones and can cause heat fractures, chip, or overall damage the jewelry.  


  • A great way to keep your jewelry clean after taking these steps is to store your jewelry in the anti-tarnish bags that I package every piece of Maine jewelry that I sell in.  This will protect your jewelry for up to two years if stored in the bags when not being worn. 


  • Tarn-X is a great option for cleaning jewelry that does not contain stones.  


Using these steps will help keep your jewelry clean for year's to come! :-)