What is Druzy in Jewelry?

If I had a nickel for any time someone asked me what is druzy in jewelry well, I'd be able to buy a lot more druzy stones that's for sure! You may have seen your friends with some cute druzy pendant necklace or have your own fabulous silver druzy ring, and think well what is it actually?

How Are Druzy Stones Made?

It's easy to wonder because these sparkling stones are unlike anything else out there. Druzy stones are actual gemstones which because a natural occurrence have formed a layer of crystallization on the stone. This is caused by a millions of years of a natural movement of water running sediments and silica gradually moving over the surface of a stone which makes it have an appearance of crystalized sparkling sugar on the outer rind of the stone. Because these are natural gemstones and the layer of crystal druzy is not man made, there is no chance of the layer of druzy crystals from falling or rubbing off.

Druzy Quartz verses Druzy Agate

Druzy or sometimes referred to drusy, druse, or druze or aura quartz is most well known as versions of agate and quartz. Quartz is one of my favorite stones to work with because it is so versatile and comes in so many difference types, shapes, and colors. Whereas agate is actually a form of microcrystalline quartz itself that are formed in banded layers. Because of the unique colors and layers it forms, no two agate stones will ever be identical. Both agate and quartz stones can develop the layer of druzy crystallization. We here at Gem Lounge Jewelry prefer to use druzy quartz in our designs and these stones are very durable and strong.

What Color is Druzy?

Druzy pendants come in a variety of colors which make it so much fun as a designer! The most popular colors you will find of natural druzy is grey, blue, white, black, pink, orange and sometimes pink. Titanium druzy is my favorite variety to work with and its a special variety indeed. Titanium quartz features metallic shades along with hues of pinks and blues.

Druzy Wedding Jewelry

One of the hottest and most popular wedding trends is druzy jewelry! Brides are able to gift their bridal party with personalized handcrafted jewelry that is equally affordable. By being able to customize the designs to fit your wedding party, you are guaranteed to gift handcrafted bridesmaid jewelry that your girls will want to wear and treasure for years to come. Here are Gem Lounge Jewelry, we create druzy engagement rings, druzy jewelry sets, and any custom jewelry design you can dream of.