Jewelry Care Instructions

It is important to us here at Gem Lounge that your new treasures last for years to come.  To ensure this, we recommend the following care instructions:

The majority of Gem Lounge jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver.  Sterling silver is comprised of .925 pure silver and the rest is copper.  It is the other metals in the sterling silver that causes the metal to tarnish.  Copper reacts to moisture and sulfur in the air causing the reaction in all sterling silver jewelry.  The jewelry that we make is nickle free and is made with all recycled eco-friendly metals that are manufactured here in the U.S.A. 

How we take care of our pieces, is to use polishing cloths on any metal components to help with tarnishing- this is especially helpful for the metal components of the cork jewelry we make.   For jewelry made of precious metals we recommend using Tarn-X jewelry cleaner which we use to clean all of our jewelry in our retail store.  This can be used on sterling silver, gold, platinum jewelry with ease. dWe also package every piece we sell in individual anti tarnish bags which protect your jewelry for up to two years when put the jewelry back in the bag on the enclosed jewelry card to help ensure the chain does not tangle when not being worn.


 * Do not wear jewelry while in the shower, doing the dishes, in the pool, hot tub, etc.  


*Try and put jewelry on after applying body care products like lotions, makeup, hairspray, etc. 


*Jewelry that contains pearls and other soft gemstones should not be put in really extreme water temperatures as this may damage the stones, this includes trying to clean pieces with warm water and mild soap.